Offers a comprehensive payroll, benefits, and HR outsourcing solution for SMB organizations that want to maximize growth and scale effectively.


Automate process for assigning sales activities.

Improve overall productivity of the sales team.

Increase visibility into sales process effectiveness and pipeline velocity.


Velocify Pulse™ with Velocify Dial-IQ™



"All My Tools are Coming Together Because of Velocify Pulse"

Salesforce and Marketo were just a start for Zuman. To achieve their sales process efficiency goals, they knew a full sales stack was necessary. As they began to piece together their stack, there were a few core solutions, and Velocify Pulse was one of them.

"Velocify Pulse has been the solution at the core of our sales stack,
I run all of my processes through Velocify Pulse, and it just knits everything together for me. All of my tools are coming together because of Velocify Pulse.”

Improving the Sales Pipeline

Velocify Pulse helps free sales reps from the “what’s next dilemma” by automating the contact strategy based on a predefined sales process – yielding incredible results. In just four months, Zuman increased booked sales meetings by 180 percent and saw connection rates increase by 55 percent.

“Adoption by Zuman’s sales development group has been a breeze. They live and breathe in the system.”

Angela Hunter | Marketing and Sales Operations Manager, Zuman