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A seamless experience between sales acceleration and voice engagement tools. Velocify Dial-IQ™ is the only click-to-call automated dialer that enables your sales team to have more conversations and ensures they focus on the right prospects at the right time. Call volume isn't enough. Grow faster with conversations that matter.

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Sales Communication

Industry-leading uptime rate for non-stop performance.

All the communication tools reps need in one place. Architected to deliver availability and resilience for 10s of thousands of calls simultaneously. Sales reps save time and are more productive with phone, email, and text communication tools on a single screen within Salesforce.

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Responsiveness & Productivity

More dials, more meaningful conversations, more revenue.

Dial-IQ was built specifically for sales, so it has all the features to keep sales reps productive and increase the odds of connecting. What makes it different? Dial-IQ is tightly unified with your optimal sales workflow so reps are always focused on the activities that lead to more revenue.

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Control & Accountability

Following an optimal contact strategy increase conversion rates by 128%.

A clear account of who did what, when, and why. Dial-IQ provides visibility into sales rep call activity no matter where they work. Simplified data capture along with unified dialer and sales performance data provides a holistic view of end-to-end sales effectiveness.

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Platform Flexibility

Fast implementation and immediate impact on revenue.

Dial-IQ is a cloud-based platform, which means there is no need to replace existing hardware or purchase new equipment. Whether you have a sophisticated phone system, use cell phones, or softphones, Dial-IQ can be up and running in no time.

Velocify Dial-IQ Delivers Unrivalled Results

Contact Rate

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Conversion Rate

Automated Sales Dialer Productivity Graphic | Velocify Dial-IQ

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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  • Automated Sales Dialer - bamboo | Velocify Dial-IQ Partner
  • Automated Sales Dialer - BBMC | Velocify Dial-IQ Partner
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  • “Without Dial-IQ, the fast-paced Internet lead business becomes a managerial nightmare, requiring me to constantly be running over to loan officers’ desks to ensure they make their calls.”

    Joseph Semrani, a mortgage banking executive at M&T Bank

  • “Dial-IQ is no ordinary Dialer, its intelligence sets it apart. Dial-IQ serves up the right lead based on sophisticated, pre-set business logic.”

    Mark Wong, captive agent and agency owner

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