Best of 2016: Velocify Customers Share Highlights

Kicking off the last week of our countdown, we’re highlighting what Velocify customers had to say about how Velocify has helped their business this year. (Curious about our countdown? Our first post on sales infographics details the countdown and the FREE giveaway that’s coming soon!)

Velocify supports the market shift from refinance to purchase lending.

“Since day one we’ve been focused on growth opportunities within our niche. As we’ve expanded, Velocify has been with us every step of the way, from helping us make resource decisions related to demand in new states, to enabling us to be more agile as the market shifts from refinance to purchase.”
Mike Eshelman, VP of Marketing at First Direct Lending

Velocify offers full support services with a dedicated client success team.

“The process was great. We were given an account rep to set up an initial distribution strategy and contact strategy–it happened very rapidly. What’s probably more important is [Velocify’s] ongoing attention to our account. We’ve been able to roll out new iterations of our contact strategy recently and [Velocify] assigned a team of individuals to our account who actually went in and did all the work.”
Todd Jones, President of Retail Mortgage at BBMC Mortgage

Velocify identifies which email templates drive the most engagement.

“Velocify has packaged email and telephony into their sales workflow in a great way. With Velocify Pulse, my sales development team can send emails and make calls to contacts without ever leaving Salesforce. In addition, knowing my sales development reps are leveraging corporate-approved email templates with the ability to put a personal touch on them to increase engagement is a huge plus. We are also tracking what templates reps send, and which email templates drive the best engagement.”
Ray Miller, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Social Tables

Velocify makes it easy to manage growth.

“A lot of people think Velocify is meant for bigger companies. I think it is completely the opposite; smaller companies should invest early on in a software like Velocify because that is what’s going to help you get to the next level. With Velocify, we were able to grow Sanco Business Solutions from four agents, five years ago, to 178 now and 90 percent of the reason for that that is because we decided to sign up with Velocify.”
Eddie Sandoval, owner of Sanco Business Solutions

Velocify brings together process, people and technology.

Before Velocify, Angela Hunter, the marketing and sales operations manager at Zuman, spent almost her entire week monitoring data from different systems and bubbling up opportunities for the sales development team.

Leveraging Velocify Pulse Angela was able to map out her sales process exactly the way she wanted. Now Angela’s sales reps are all following the ideal sales process and have everything they need on one screen, making them incredibly productive. And Angela is able to manage the entire sales process from a central hub. The results speak for themselves—in just four months, Zuman increased booked sales meetings by 180 percent.

“Velocify Pulse has been the solution at the core of our sales stack. I run all of my processes through Velocify Pulse, and it just knits everything together for me. All of my tools are coming together because of Velocify Pulse.”
– Angela Hunter, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager, Zuman

Velocify keeps leads from falling through the cracks.

MedPro was looking for a solution to drive more consistent follow-up to ensure every lead was being touched. Before implementing Velocify, MedPro spent time mapping out their ideal sales process. When it came time to implement Velocify, their process mapped perfectly and seamlessly with Velocify.

“Responding to new leads fast, and leveraging a sequence-based approach to follow-up, has been a perfect formula for success. In fact, we saw a 30% increase in revenue in the first year using Velocify by mapping out and following our ideal sequenced-based sales process with every prospect. Compared to other technology tools, Velocify is one of the best investments we have ever made.”
Dan Hansen, President and COO at MedPro Waste Disposal

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jaime lee headshotAbout the Author:
Jaime Lee is the content marketing manager at Velocify. She has a background in channel marketing at VMware and spent some time on the Silicon Valley startup circuit developing internal and external communication strategies. An avid tennis player, Jaime is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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