Best of 2016: Most Popular Sales Tweets

Is today the day for our special giveaway?!? Not yet! Welcome back to day three as we countdown the best of #2016ForSales

Today we’re highlighting the most popular tweets in the Velocify twitterverse. Follow us!

And if you want to learn more about our special giveaway, check out our first post on the year’s best sales infographics.

6. Pay attention to engagement signals

A big trend in sales is identifying engagement signals like when a prospect opens an email or visits your pricing page. These are signals to respond immediately with a timely and relevant message.


5. Evaluate sales process

Evaluation is key for growth! This popular tweet provided some insight for reps and managers on how to make sure they are prepared for sales career growth.


4. Prepare for the modern borrower

The twitterverse has spoken. The need to have a full-featured sales and marketing solution has never been greater for the modern mortgage loan officer.


3. Be like Zuman

Success stories make people happy and Zuman’s story is no different. This sales and marketing alignment story had its fairytale ending. With technology to help build the ideal sales process, booked sales meetings and connection rates increased.


2. Beware of false sales statistics

You may have seen some very popular sales statistics floating around the Internet that look similar to this image. If the source on those stats was National Sales Executive Association, they were false. Velocify research put the numbers to the test and decided to shed some light on the truth.


1. Sales apps rule the world

Full steam ahead! Salesforce AppExchange shows no sign of slowing down. The cloud computing giant announced projected ecosystem growth of $389 billion in new revenue and 1.9 million jobs over the next five years.


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jaime lee headshotAbout the Author:
Jaime Lee is the content marketing manager at Velocify. She has a background in channel marketing at VMware and spent some time on the Silicon Valley startup circuit developing internal and external communication strategies. An avid tennis player, Jaime is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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