Best of 2016: Sales Trends to Master

It’s day four of our end of year countdown (six days left)! See details of the countdown and the special giveaway in the first post of this series on the year’s best sales infographics.

For today’s post, we’re highlighting the three sales trends that really took centerstage this year.

The common denominator of each? Enhancing the human connection.

Each of the sales trends below reach new levels of delivering an optimal buying experience. And as we move into 2017, competitive sales teams are taking these trends and building them into their annual strategy.
sales trends

Account-Based Selling

Account-based selling (ABS) is improving the human connection by working multiple personas within targeted accounts in a unified, strategic effort. When selling by account, messages are tailored to the interests of multiple stakeholders.

For example, if you’re selling to a sales manager, you might need to anticipate the needs of the sales VP and proactively provide content that will positively influence the decision.

Customer Service Starts in Sales

Buyers today have done their research and are likely to have engaged with your content before they hop on the phone with reps. Sales teams are adjusting by focusing less on their interactions as a one-time transaction and more as opportunities to establish the workings of long-term relationships.

The approach is to treat prospects as if they are already your customers, delivering an experience that turns them into loyal advocates faster. Sales teams are doing this by creating a consultative experience that focuses on meeting the needs of prospects.

Artificially Intelligent Communication

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enhancing the buyer experience and improving the sales process. AI technology is able to provide prospects with an immediate short-form response to simple inquiries. These automated responses are freeing up reps’ time so they can focus on building better relationships when prospects are ready for one-on-one engagement.

This type of automation is delivering results faster than humans. In a Sales for Life infographic on artificial intelligence, this technology can handle up to 27,000 conversations at once in 20 languages. Prospects are able to get the information they need to advance through the sales process faster, so they can connect with reps.

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jaime lee headshotAbout the Author:
Jaime Lee is the content marketing manager at Velocify. She has a background in channel marketing at VMware and spent some time on the Silicon Valley startup circuit developing internal and external communication strategies. An avid tennis player, Jaime is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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