Best of 2016: Top 5 New Sales Stats

Have you heard about our awesome giveaway? See yesterday’s post for a chance to score a FREE sales book bundle or Tweet this! Today, we’re highlighting noteworthy sales stats that were revealed in this year’s research.
sales stats

Here are five sales stats—in an easy-to-digest Q & A format—that were revealed through our research this year.

Q: Does it really matter what time of day prospects are called?

A: There is no significant difference in connect rates when it comes to the time of day a prospect is called.

Results from new sales stats: The best time, or time with the highest connection rate—17 percent—is 2 p.m. The worst time, or lowest connection rate—14.4 percent—is 7 a.m. These findings reveal the difference to be only 2.6 percent Tweet this!.

sales stats

Q: How will optimizing call strategy impact contact rates?

A: Optimizing call strategy based on the highest conversion rates also yields a 110 percent increase in contact rates.Tweet this!

Results from new sales stats: If contact strategy is built on making all calls at the optimal time of day, 2 p.m., the chance of making an initial connection only improves by 7 percent.

For better results, build your call strategy around the proven timing and sequence for highest likelihood of conversion to see a 110 percent boost in contact rate. This significant lift is due to leads’ increased availability and readiness to communicate earlier in the sales cycle, in combination with the appropriate level of persistence.

Q: How many salespeople really crush their annual quota?

A: 15 percent of salespeople achieved more than 125 percent of their annual quota last year!

Results from new sales stats: The majority of salespeople (69 percent) perform according to set expectations—between 75 to 125 percent of their annual quota. Only 16 percent attain less than 75 percent of their annual quota.

Q: Are most salespeople as dishonest as they are often portrayed to be?

A: No.

Results from new sales stats: More than 90 percent of top-performing salespeople are truthful and value honesty. In the Persona of Top Sales Professionals, the majority of salespeople preferred to omit product blemishes on sales calls rather than obscuring facts just to make a sale.

Q: Money vs. respect — What do salespeople value more?

A: Respect!

Results from new sales stats: Top sales performers are 27 percent more likely to say that being respected and recognized by their peers is important to them than they are to say that money is extremely important to them and how they measure their success.

Every year, new research reveals insight into how we can improve our sales process. Be sure to keep up with the latest Velocify research in 2017.

Jorge Jeffery, sales objectivesMeet the Author: Jorge Jeffery joined Velocify in 2011 and is director of research and analytics. Jorge has been instrumental in mining data from more than 1,500 sales teams that leverage Velocify’s solutions today. Insights gleaned help establish best practices for Velocify clients in order to maximize revenue potential.

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