Best of 2016: Sales Book Bundle – Free Giveaway

The new year is days away, which in sales means a fresh start and a new quota to crush! Whether you are a sales rep or a sales leader, what better way to find inspiration than in a sales book bundle featuring insight from some of the industry’s brightest minds?

Good news, our Best of 2016 giveaway day is finally here!
We are giving away several sales book bundles that include top sales books from some of our favorite authors. All you have to do is tweet at us for your chance to win. Use our pre-made click-to-tweet or write your own tweet, just be sure to include the hashtag #salesbookbundle when you tweet @Velocify. Or share on LinkedIn, but remember to mention us @Velocify for it to count! The more you share, the greater your chance to win! Promotion runs through December 31, 2016. The winner will be announced January 6, 2017.

Here are the must-read books you could win:

The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

sales bookSales development has exploded in the last few years. There is a lot of content out there, yes, but this book is a true handbook that will guide you through what you need to know about growing and building a sales development team. I have a weathered copy of the book on my desk with pages folded down and bookmarked. I reference it often.

Whether you are a sales leader, sales rep that wants to move into leadership, or someone supporting a sales development team, this book will help you in your job.

Buy this book on Amazon!



More Sales, Less Time by Jill Konrath

sales bookDo you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done? As salespeople we are often juggling a number of activities and pressures all demanding our attention. Yet, with so many distractions, from LinkedIn updates to an endless stream of emails, it can be hard to find time for the highest-value activities that require our best thinking.

Jill can’t give you more time in the day, but she does provide a lot of great tips for how to avoid common distractions in our highly digital world, helping you rescue at least one hour of time each day. You’ll love the real world examples and experiments Jill conducts on herself. Her honest account of some of her own realities and time-wasting habits make it a fun read, almost like tackling a weight loss challenge with a friend.

This book will definitely help sellers find more time to actually sell, but the strategies within can be used by just about anyone who spends a lot of time at a computer.

Buy this book on Amazon!

Social Selling Mastery by Jamie Shanks

sales bookJamie is passionate about one thing – social selling. If you are looking to learn from one of the best in the business, this book is a must read. You’ll get insights on how to build long-term trust with your buyers that generate and retain real revenue.

While there are great tips and takeaways for every customer facing role within the organization, from sales to marketing, to be truly impactful with a social selling strategy, Jamie recommends getting buy-in from the entire organization. So soak in all you can from the book and then buy a copy for your boss :).

Buy this book on Amazon!


Next Selling Era by Anneke Seley and Britton Manasco

sales bookSales is undergoing a major transformation – the rise of virtual selling. Some even go so far as to predict the “death of the salesman.” Britton and Anneke take a firm stance that the modern sales professional is more critical and capable than ever to meet the demands of today’s buyer.

The authors offer strategies for sales leaders to build a sales organization that is able to endure and overcome the challenges of a remote relationship with the customer by making the “virtual truly personal.” This is the first in a series of short books the co-authors plan to publish. Their goal is to keep the books short and focused on timely challenges sales leaders are facing as the virtual sales transformation unfolds.

Buy the hardcover of this book or download the Kindle version for FREE on Amazon!

You want these books, we know you do! To win the bundle be sure to tweet @Velocify and include the hashtag #salesbookbundle! Or use our pre-made click-to-tweet.

Good luck and happy selling in 2017!

Alyssa headshot Alyssa Trenkamp is the director of marketing communications at Velocify and a 15 year veteran in the enterprise technology sector. Prior to Velocify, Alyssa spent nearly a decade as a marketing and public relations consultant for Microsoft. Alyssa holds a BA in Journalism from Western Washington University.

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