Study reveals surprising attributes of quality leads

Lead scoring is the process of assigning scores to your leads according to the perceived and/or previously observed probability of them becoming customers.

Today we’re sharing a gold mine of valuable insight on what makes for a higher quality lead in insurance, mortgage and education. We’ve mined data from millions of leads and identified characteristics that lead to improved sales conversion. How significant are the findings?  Our research shows that leads with specific characteristics convert or enroll more than three times higher than average.  For example:

Higher education marketers would be interested to know such surprising facts as:

  • Married people are two times more likely to enroll in a higher education program than divorcees.
  • Apple Mac users are 45 percent more likely to enter further education than PC-users.

Insurance agents, on the other hand, would be wise to target their efforts towards:

  • Individuals with “very poor” credit, who were almost three times more likely to sign up for an insurance policy than those with “excellent” credit.
  • Individuals with less education, given people with professional degrees converted into customers 58 percent less often than individuals who only had a high school diploma.

Mortgage brokers should be looking for the most financially stable consumers:

  • Individuals with “excellent” or “very good” credit ratings converted almost 28 times more often than those with “poor” ratings.
  • Workers with more than 10 years of employment, who converted more than two times better than those who joined the workforce more recently.

Here’s how organizations can immediately improve ROI on their lead generation efforts by putting this research to work:

  • Lead acquisition: look to acquire quality leads that include these higher converting attributes
  • Lead scoring: apply insights to lead scoring methodologies to help improve the quality of leads distributed to sales reps
  • Prioritize  lead follow-up: set up distribution and prioritization rules based on attributes that have a higher probability of converting
  • Capture key data: Update lead forms to gather key data earlier in the sales cycle.

Want to get the results and data to apply to your business? Download a complimentary copy of the full report and industry specific version here.

Happy scoring!

  • Sean

    Great research! Very useful.

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