Meet the New Velocify Pulse, Built For Your Entire Sales Organization

Powering the High-Velocity Sales Force with Speed, Control, and Motivation

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Meet Velocify Pulse – The Fastest Growing Salesforce Sales Solution

Today we are announcing the biggest product launch in Velocify’s history. Velocify Pulse™ is the most complete and effective sales acceleration platform available in the Salesforce® ecosystem. Why do we think that? Because we’ve poured every drop of experience we’ve had from working with more than 5,000 sales organization and two years of consulting with Salesforce customers to design what most sales leaders tell us is the perfect sales acceleration mousetrap.

So what does the perfect “sales acceleration mousetrap” mean?  Sales teams today have more opportunities and greater demands put on them than ever before. They are required to work at a dizzying velocity and are responding by implementing CRM systems and automated dialers to help speed things up. Many companies are also building or expanding their inside sales teams to quickly contact new leads.

Unfortunately this response is not enough. These efforts may be helping sales teams go faster, but speed without control leads to chaos. It’s like giving a Ferrari to someone that has never driven a car, after a short burst of speed comes the inevitable crash.

4 Powerhouse Components to Velocify Pulse

The Velocify Pulse platform includes a suite of powerhouse components to help your team do everything better:


Velocify CRM
The Velocify Pulse integrated dialer facilitates faster and more efficient inbound and outbound calls.


Communicate through a central command center: Think of Velocify Pulse as your own personal command center. Reps can use Dial-IQ™ to adeptly manage outgoing and incoming calls, making each engagement more effective. A built-in email composer allows reps to easily send personalized emails and batch emails leveraging templates, and provides email tracking for real time buyer insights. Velocify Pulse can also be set to automatically follow up with personalized email at key moments in the sales process, ensuring relationships never go cold.



Optimize every aspect of the sales process: Unlike other sales offerings, Velocify Pulse gives your organization control over every aspect of the sales process, allowing you to constantly monitor and improve sales performance. Velocify Pulse provides all the data and tools sales leaders need to build optimal workflows for specific business need. Priority View shows sales reps which actions to take next and why, assuring everyone is aligned while providing complete transparency into every decision.


CRM Software Sales
Priority View takes the guess work out of selling, ensuring your sales reps always know what to do next – and why.



The Velocify Pulse dashboard enables sales teams to immediately access, analyze, and isolate what’s really going on in the early sales cycle.
The Velocify Pulse dashboard enables sales teams to immediately access, analyze, and isolate what’s really going on in the early sales cycle.

Analyze sales activity to achieve peak performance: Velocify Pulse’s analytical capabilities are designed to give sales leaders immediate insight into what works most effectively and what doesn’t, so you can ensure your team is operating in peak condition. Through Velocify Pulse dashboard sales leaders cam understand everything that is going on in their organization’s sales cycle, from a campaign-wide panorama down to an individual’s performance.




Pulse CRM
ShotgunConnect awards leads to the sales rep that is fastest to respond to the call.

Reward sales reps with more leads: We’ve consistently found that the best drivers for salespeople are actual, tangible rewards. Velocify Pulse focuses on Rewardification™, enabling consistent closers and first-responders to earn better opportunities. No leads will be left behind, keeping your pipeline moving and your reps motivated. Here’s how we do it:

  • ShotgunConnect™: The early bird gets the lead. When a hot new opportunity comes in, ShotgunConnect™ fires it over to the sales exec that responds first. That means the eager sellers get rewarded and five times more of your leads get responses in under five minutes.
  • Performance-based distribution was developed specifically for Velocify Pulse, and is programmed to categorize leads by type and assign them to the best performing executive in that category while simultaneously balancing workloads. Leads go to the salesperson most likely to convert them, while ensuring no one is overwhelmed.
  • Re-distribution Even the best salespeople get busy. If a lead is left for too long at any stage in the sales process, re-distribution jumps in and reassigns the lead to ensure someone follows up in a timely manner. No lead left behind.

“Velocify Pulse helped us increase sales by 158% within the first six months of using the product,” said Jane Riley, Sales Manager for eH+, eHarmony’s premium matchmaking service. “The Velocify Pulse platform takes that technology to the next level. It’s agile, powerful, and incredibly effective. We couldn’t be more excited for our team and our future customers to start reaping the benefits of this fantastic new system.”

Velocify Pulse is currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange®. Velocify Pulse is the most feature rich sales acceleration platform at the most affordable price, starting at $60 per user, per month.

We’re celebrating the launch of Velocify Pulse at the biggest event in enterprise tech – Dreamforce. Come stop by our booths, #N1739 and #N1836 to experience Velocify Pulse in person.



About the author: Nick Hedges is president and CEO of Velocify and a 15 year veteran of the Internet and SaaS industries. Nick has spent the last six years helping organizations accelerate sales performance and recently became an advisory board member for the Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Nick is a Fulbright Scholar, holds an MBA with Distinction from Harvard and a bachelor’s degree from Manchester University.



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