Rainmaker’s Guide to LeadsCon 2017

leadscon 2017
If one of these definitions applies to you, you’re clearly very ambitious— and you’re probably going to LeadsCon 2017! If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, save $100 on us!

LeadsCon 2017 is the definitive conference for anyone looking to grow their sales funnel. Three days packed with more than 30 powerful sessions on the latest cutting-edge digital technologies? Challenge accepted (says the rainmaker)! As you plan your trip to LeadsCon 2017, you probably want to soak in as much of it as you possibly can. Here are five helpful steps to consider.

Step 1: Know who’s going.

Did you know that more than 60% of attendees are senior level executives? LeadsCon 2017 is a great opportunity to connect and learn from industry trendsetters and leaders. As a rainmaker, you probably also want to learn more about the best technologies to grow your business. There are more than 1,000 companies attending, so you’ll want to prepare by highlighting the ones to meet—including Velocify!

Step 2: Call dibs on tech to try.

As a rainmaker, you know how important it is to connect one-on-one and LeadsCon 2017 is no exception. Since meeting times are bit less flexible—with only so many time slots in a day—this might be a good place to start when it comes to building your schedule.

Which technologies do you want try? Onsite meetings are a great way to get a more interactive experience when you’re exploring a new product. If you’re more of a hands-on type of person, be sure to call dibs on the most interesting technologies by locking down your meeting time in advance.

If we’re on your list, call dibs on your spot (get a free Amazon Echo Dot when you demo)!

Step 3: Add sessions to calendar.

Now that you’ve reserved demos with your favorite technologies, you can optimize your time for sessions to attend. Here are a few winners and we’re making it easy, just click on the links to add to your calendar!

Lead-Generation Guide: How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI (Add to Calendar)
Monday, March 20, 2:50–3:35 p.m.
There are clear strategies on how to maximize your return from purchased leads. Join this session to learn new and creative ways to utilize cross-channel selling, call center services, and sales automation to squeeze every dollar out of your marketing investment.

It’s Not Your Leads that Suck, It’s You! (Add to Calendar)
Tuesday, March 21, 10:25–11:10 a.m.
How many times has sales told marketing the leads they source are low quality? In this session, Nick Hedges talks about why it isn’t the leads, it’s the first impression with the buyer that’s often lacking.

Are Mortgage Sales Ready for a Tesla Moment? (Add to Calendar)
March 22, 10:25–11:00 a.m.
Every lender wants to maximize lead conversion—increasing performance using less gas. This panel of mortgage sales experts will explore this possibility by examining how technology is already reshaping how loans are sold—particularly when it comes to millennial buyers, who gravitate toward online transactions.

Shifts in Insurance: How Top Agents Drive Growth (Add to Calendar)
March 22, 10:00–10:50 a.m.
In the insurance industry, buying power continues to shift to the consumer, who shops online, often in search of the lowest price. In this session, a group of industry experts will share their success stories—how they service and retain existing clients and compete to attract new ones, helping them drive 2X growth.

Step 4: Map out exhibit floor stops.

leadscon 2017If you’re the slightest bit curious about some of the vendors, the exhibit floor is calling! For those looking to take in the most vendors in the shortest amount of time, take note of the hours below.

And don’t forget to stop by our booth on your way in to say ‘hi’—we’re near the entrance, booth #201! Velocify is giving away a stack of ca$h every hour. See exhibit floor map to plot the rest of your journey.
Exhibit hours:
Tuesday, March 21, 12:00-6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, March 22, 12:00-3:00 p.m.

Step 5: P A R T Y like a Rainmaker!

Don’t forget to have fun! LeadsCon 2017 is a great place for developing new relationships to build your rainmaker network. In addition to the end-of-day networking receptions, there are so many opportunities to connect outside of event hours. Yes, I’m talking about parties!

Rainmakers definitely know how to party. Celebrate your high-roller status with us at our event—Party Like a Rainmaker – Register Here!


leadscon 2017

jaime lee headshotAbout the Author: Jaime Lee is the content marketing manager at Velocify. She has a background in channel marketing at VMware and spent some time on the Silicon Valley startup circuit developing internal and external communication strategies. An avid tennis player, Jaime is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She holds a BA in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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