Infographic: 6 MVPs of Fantasy Football and Sales

The NFL season is well underway, which means many people you know are probably busy managing their Fantasy Football teams. If you’re familiar with Fantasy Football, you know it takes dedication and a certain set of skills and strategy to win. But, did you know many of those same skills and strategies can be applied to sales?

Welcome to the Fantasy Sales League!

This infographic guides you through the Six MVPs (Most Valuable Ps) of Fantasy Football and Sales:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Promptness
  3. Prioritization
  4. Persistence
  5. Performance
  6. Process

Use these insider tips and stats from winning teams –to dominate the competition in the office and on the field.




scott ankleyAbout the Author: Scott Ankley is the Senior Manager of Partner Development at Velocify, a market-leading provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software. Scott is an expert on increasing lead conversion rates through the effective use of marketing and sales automation tools and helps companies across a variety of industries improve their customer acquisition practices.


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