Infographic: 2014 migration of the sales profession

Are we truly in an age of the ‘Death of a Field Salesman’ with certain macro shifts making inside sales reps more desirable than field reps? Actually, the answer to this question is fairly complex – with many organizations pushing various levels of change in their sales model based on evolving buyer preferences, technology advancements, the maturity of the company or product, and complexity of the sale.

We explore the inside sales migration trend in greater detail in a new infographic, based on a recent Velocify underwritten study conducted by sales industry author and USC professor, Steve W. Martin. The study found that the field sales model is not going away any time soon, but a significant shift is occurring from the field to inside sales. In fact, a whopping 46 percent of companies surveyed said that their organizations are shifting more to inside sales. And this migration is not just a passing trend. Respondents shared that they expect their move from field to inside selling to increase significantly between now and 2015.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into this subject, download the report, The Trend Changing the Sales Landscape, for free from our Website.

Sales infographic - 2014 Migration of the Sales Profession

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