How to Motivate Your Sales Team

How do you promote productivity on your sales team? Are your reps motivated?

Many sales managers struggle to keep reps focused and hungry for more.

Why is that?

Everyone is different. Different people are motivated by different things. What motivates one sales rep might not motivate another. And – believe it or not – not everyone is motivated by money – even in the world of sales!

I start by getting to know my team. Once I understand what drives them, I can keep them motivated with one or more of these techniques:

Ask, “Why do you do what you do?” – A company is only as good as its employees. It’s important to remind your reps that their efforts are crucial to the company’s overall success. Help them see past the day-to-day activities, to better understand the bigger purpose of their jobs. Doing so makes them feel more vested, and passionate about what your organization is trying to achieve.

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Surround your team with positivity – If being in sales was easy, everyone would do it. Sometimes your reps might have better months than others. Don’t let a slow month turn into a slump. Motivate your team with positive feedback every day to keep out any negative energy.

“To counteract negative memories and thoughts, flood your mind with positive input every day by listening to motivational recordings – a podcast or audio book – while working out, on the drive home, on the road, or first thing when you wake up.”

– Will Robertson, Selling Power Magazine

Make your expectations clear – Be sure to communicate performance goals and metrics. It’s important for both managers and reps to understand what’s expected of them. It’s hard to successfully compete in a race if no one knows where the finish line is!

Celebrate success – Publicly recognize individuals for their wins, and congratulate the team for their successes, no matter how big or small. Try breaking up the daily routine by taking your team to a celebratory dinner, or a sporting event.

“At the end of each day, look back and congratulate yourself for the most significant thing you accomplished that day.  It doesn’t matter how small it may have been. Never end the day without feeling good about it.  Doing so will help you begin the next day in a much better frame of mind.”

– Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter

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Improve data visibility – sales performance data is now easier to access than ever before. Use it! Display your data using compelling visuals, like leaderboards. Doing this motivates your reps to work harder, because they want to look good!

Start a friendly competition – Don’t just use your performance data for leaderboards. Try taking it up a notch with virtual badges, achievement levels and rewards. Gamification is a fun way to make your reps more competitive, and motivate them to achieve more.

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Reward top performers – Provide your team members with compensation to keep them motivated. According to a recent study, companies that offered better compensation plans reported improvements in morale and an increase in revenue from the previous year. Here are some different ways companies reward performance:

  • Bonus and commission checks.
  • Paid time off.
  • Awards and certificates.
  • Small gifts.
  • New leads or new territories.

At Velocify, we’ve developed an even stronger motivation strategy that combines competition and compensation. It’s called Rewardification. With Rewardification, I’m able reward my team with valuable incentives. Download the Rewardification eBook tolearn more.


Velocify Pulse Rewardification™ feature-set drives sales rep engagement with short and long term motivation tools impacting daily behaviors and long-term performance. With Rewardification, I’m able reward my team with valuable incentives.

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Rick-Thompson-HeadshotAbout the Author: Rick Thompson is the Director of Sales Development at Velocify, responsible for growing revenues and profitability through sales, account management, and customer service teams. Rick has more than 15 years of experience in senior sales leadership roles at high-growth companies. Rick loves using his experience to help people find their passions and connect with work they believe in.


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