Good decisions are good business

Good decisions are good business. But so are quick decisions.

When making business decisions, there is often a tug of war between acting fast and acting smart. To be effective one has to both be well informed and act decisively. We always want to make the best decision possible, and that means examining the facts.

But in practice, examining facts takes time. The longer it takes, the greater the risk that the time spent making decisions will introduce delays that result in rising opportunity costs.

This type of tension between analysis paralysis and hasty decision making is usually thought of in terms of larger, strategic decisions. But it is just as true for small decisions. Even simple decisions that don’t require a lot of brainpower or time can still add up to significant delays, not to mention result in costly errors. Take for instance the decision of whom to call next.

Determining whom to call next is a decision that may be made dozens of times a day. Making that decision slowly amounts to a lot of wasted time. Making it unwisely amounts to a lot of wasted opportunities.

Velocify has always been focused on providing solutions that are fast. Getting in touch with prospects quickly is one of the most important aspects of nurturing successful relationships. But since speed is only half the story, a quick solution is only half the solution. The Velocify distribution engine distributes leads intelligently so that the prospects are connected only with the sales rep who is most suited to help them.

Lead follow-up is prioritized in accordance with established best practices to make sure that contact attempts are made at intervals that are most likely to yield results.

Dial-IQ, Velocify’s fully integrated lead dialer, leverages all the speed and intelligence of best-in-class lead management tools to make calling leads quicker and smarter. There is no more effective way to establish and maintain contact with prospects than Velocify and Dial-IQ.

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