5 Reasons Why I’ve Been on the Velocify Sales Team for 10 Years

This year, both the Apple iPhone and my tenure at Velocify hit the 10-year mark! Just as we’ve seen the iPhone improve, with advancements like nearly 3x more talk time, I’ve seen the Velocify sales team grow into the best team on the planet. Here are five differentiators that motivate me everyday, and set us apart from other sales organizations.

Selling to Salespeople

As sales professionals, we are passionate about our craft. Velocify is unique because we get to sell to our peers—fellow sales pros. Imagine that!

Every day we get to feed our curious minds by learning about other people and their business. Engaging with peers from a variety of industries helps reps develop expertise across different sales processes. It’s not an opportunity many sales professionals get, but the experience is incredibly valuable and one you’ll surely carry throughout your career.

An Enriching Sales Academy

Because we are depended on to be experts in our profession, we have developed a learning culture that has come to life in our Sales Academy. The Academy is a classroom training series dedicated to fostering continued subject matter growth and expertise. This has been an invaluable resource for professional development as each salesperson commits several hours each week to the Academy.

velocify sales team
Kicking off another great session at the Velocify Sales Academy!

Seeing Sales Processes Come to Life

It’s exciting to learn how different businesses have unique sales processes. We become experts in each customer’s sales process and challenge it with our best practice experiences. Our sales team has carved out a unique, consultative role when it comes to their relationship with businesses. It’s hard not to feel a sense of commitment to the success of other sales teams once you become part of their growth. Seeing sales processes come to life has been really rewarding.

Staying Ahead With a Sales Laboratory

We use our own product. Even more, our sales team uses the most advanced prototype that we’ve developed right here in our Sales Laboratory. We leverage our experience with our software to understand the future of our product. From how we generate contracts to our use of marketing automation, any tangential software that supports our product’s end goal of accelerating sales, we’re able to build that into our Sales Laboratory. It’s a chance for us to test, use, and even demo extended capability to our customers.

Marketing Is on Our Side

Our sales and marketing teams are very much aligned and you don’t see that very often. Account-based strategies are everywhere and for Velocify, it’s an opportunity for our two teams to work even closer together—even collaborating on creative plays! We work hard, but make sure we have fun while we’re at it.

velocify sales team
Celebrating another amazing day on the sales floor.
Beyond these five differentiators that get me excited to come to work everyday, there are two core values that haven’t changed since I’ve been here that I’ve found in the DNA of Velocify employees. First, there is this passion for sales and sales process that you need to have if you’re in this business. Understanding the process and sharing our expertise is all we do. It can be tough to sell to salespeople, but once you do, nothing is more rewarding. There is a level of respect that is earned because we all know and appreciate the sales grind.
Second, the Velocify sales team is scrappy! Granted, we’re going on thirteen years strong, we still have the hustle of a startup with rock stars who just know how to get the job done. Being scrappy is pretty liberating and comes with a lot more opportunity to open doors. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our latest career opportunities.

JoshEvans_2015formalMeet the author: Josh Evans joined Velocify in 2007, and is senior vice president of sales. Josh is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years building and growing sales, customer support and customer engagement organizations in the technology industry. Josh oversees Velocify’s sales organization, both the field and inside sales teams. He can be reached at jevans@velocify.com.

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